About Pedal Power Photography

Pedal Power Photography was born in a pretty standard way: by pushing.
Pushing the limits, pushing the pedals and pushing the shutter-release button all met in a single stroke and produced a monster an ensemble of so many passions: for wonders in life, for non-conventional views, for beauty, for exploration.
While clearly committed to cycling, Pedal Power Photography also revisits traditional genres such as portraiture, stills, candid camera and documentary.
Clients, among others, include Independent Film Festival of Boston (, New Amsterdam Project (, Fiore di Nonno (, Cambridge Bicycle shop ( , Boston Road Club (, MMRacing Team (




People say:

"Natalia of Pedal Power Photography creates an unobtrusive immersion of her camera within the events she photographs. Her ability to capture moments in time with a focus on spontaneity and the immediate, create images that connect the viewer both visually and emotionally to the story being told." (MMRacing)

"You know how sometimes you see these photographers, especially at bike races, and they seem to be everywhere at once? Well, that's Pedal Power Photography...sprawled out in corners, hiding in the bushes, hanging from trees. She's got it all covered. The best part is that her photos, these captured moments, lean toward the fantastic in their ability to represent each race, moment, and event in a new light. Amazing stuff!" (Jeremy Dunn, Embrocation Magazine)